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Thread: 1957 Willys CJ5 glovebox latch

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    1957 Willys CJ5 glovebox latch

    When I bought Willis a couple of years ago, the glovebox insert was gone, and the latch didn't work. Part of it was still attached, but the spring, latch and back of the latch box were gone. No one lists this latch for sale on Amazon, eBay or KaiserWillys. I'm almost ready to put the old Jeep on the road, but still no glovebox latch. Finding a plastic glovebox insert was easy, but the latch was evading me.

    I finally opened Bing, put in "glovebox latch" with no other information, and started scrolling through thousands of images. I found one that looked right. It was a MOPAR part for a 1972-76 Dodge Dart or Plymouth Valiant. I ordered it through eBay, and it was exactly the right latch. Now I have a real working glovebox. It doesn't lock, so I probably won't keep documents inside, but for sure a pair of gloves will fit!0813191746.jpg

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    Welcome Jimmyshipp,

    Google and Bing are our friends around here. Even when I find a part at a trusted dealer like Kaiser Willys, I still shop around to ensure I get the best price that I can get the item for. That is great that you were able to match up the latch. Most of the original latches were not able to lock. I can't remember at this moment if the Wagon's glove box has a lock on it or not. The inside mount looks the same as yours, but I'd have to look at mine.

    Thank you for the tip on where to look for latches!

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