When I got my ’56 CJ-5, the clutch would not disengage, it appeared all the external linkage was worn out, and the lost motion would not allow the clutch to disengage. I replaced all the external linkage and all seemed well, I drove it around the yard a few laps, and was quite happy with how it was working.

Then I got a “Flapping noise” when I pressed on the clutch pedal, and now I can’t disengage the clutch again. I’m guessing part of the clutch lining is coming off the clutch disk, but I’m hoping it’s something simpler. I’ve got about 1 inch of pedal free play before the clutch fork starts resisting movement.

I’m shooting in a match this weekend, so won’t get a chance to look at it until Monday, I’ve have out of state grandkids coming for a visit, in a couple of weeks “chomping at the bit to go for a jeep ride” and I hope to be able to accommodate them. If I need to replace the clutch, I’m going to have to “go though” the transmission and transfer case, at least bearings and seals, and the grandkids, will have to wait another year.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!