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    jeepster seats

    1949 Willys Jeepster Overland

    Hey Guys, I took the front seats out of the Jeepster. Vinyl is in decent shape but the springs are rotted away. Is there a better way to replace the cushioning without re-springing the whole thing? Maybe cutting a sheet of 3/4 ply to shape, topping with high density foam then topping that with a more comfortable foam? Then slipping the vinyl back over.

    Thanks, Sean

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    I would give Mike a call at KW. They might have a source for just what you need. The Jeep seats are usually done the way you describe.

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    Check with any of your local seat shops. They will have options for you, in both saving the vinyl and replacing the springs.

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    New Seats

    Go to a good auto upholstery shop - probably a custom shop.

    When I redid the '48, the guy was able to make the seats better than new and still look like the originals. Seat technology has improved a lot in 70-years!

    The first picture shows the remains of the original seat. You can see the new ones through the windshield of the second picture.

    Seat covers give you a really good "bling factor" for the money you will spend.
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