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    Question New to Site ‘59 Willys Wagon

    Hello, about fifteen years ago I brought a 1959 Willys wagon home from north Idaho to Vancouver Canada.

    I lived on a small island and drove the Willys often for about five years. I wont say it has ever ruin well, but it ran!

    I grew up with the Willys as it belonged to my Uncle. I should also say, I am a wood boat guy, not a car guy, but I am happy to learn. Now she sits in my garage after many failed attempts to restore it.

    My goal is to have a vehicle that runs well and stops better, not a concourse prestige vehicle. I have accepted that if I ever want to drive her again, I need to roll up my sleeves.

    The challenge is I have no idea where to start? Do I get a battery and just see of it will turn over? I think I need someone to tell me if it is even reasonable to try and bring it back, I don’t want to have to refinance my life, but I think this would be a fun around town car.

    Where do I start?37691ED5-93C1-4485-BD40-C5EA4EC75538.jpg
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