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Thread: New to Site ‘59 Willys Wagon

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    Question New to Site ‘59 Willys Wagon

    Hello, about fifteen years ago I brought a 1959 Willys wagon home from north Idaho to Vancouver Canada.

    I lived on a small island and drove the Willys often for about five years. I wont say it has ever ruin well, but it ran!

    I grew up with the Willys as it belonged to my Uncle. I should also say, I am a wood boat guy, not a car guy, but I am happy to learn. Now she sits in my garage after many failed attempts to restore it.

    My goal is to have a vehicle that runs well and stops better, not a concourse prestige vehicle. I have accepted that if I ever want to drive her again, I need to roll up my sleeves.

    The challenge is I have no idea where to start? Do I get a battery and just see of it will turn over? I think I need someone to tell me if it is even reasonable to try and bring it back, I don’t want to have to refinance my life, but I think this would be a fun around town car.

    Where do I start?37691ED5-93C1-4485-BD40-C5EA4EC75538.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum! In my opinion, if you can work on a wood boat, the wagon will be a piece of cake. Just remember, take things one bite at a time. If the Jeep has been sitting for a time, start by removing all the spark plugs. Take a spoon full of oil and put down each cylinder. After sitting for a half hour, grab the fan, and attempt to turn the fan by hand. If the fan belt is tight, the engine will turn over pretty easy by hand. If all shows good, then put the plugs back in and grab a fresh battery. The next step will be to check the fuel for being good. Varnish doesn't burn well at all, and it will gum up the carb. The best bet is to rig up a secondary, known good fuel source, i.e. a boat gas tank. Plumb in the tank directly to the fuel pump. If the pump is still in working condition, the carb will get a supply of fuel. If the fuel pump is shot, you can hook the fuel line directly to the carb. The next step will be to clean the contacts at the points in the distributor. This will ensure that you have a fighting chance of getting spark at the plugs.
    When you get it running, go through and service the engine. Change the oil and filter.

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    Plus one on gmwillys suggestions.
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