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Thread: Brake issue

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    Good hoses are a must. If you reuse hoses, or are having difficulties with not being able to bleed them correctly, the hoses are often times collapsed. The fluid can push through the hoses when the brakes are applied, but the fluid cannot return with just the return spring on the shoes. The brakes often stay applied without the brake pedal being touched. Free pedal is important as well.

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    LOVE the expertise. I was all set logon to ask questions but you answered them all. So I have the replaced master cylinder (mentioned before keeping all parts!). So that is new. Hoses and fitting appear new from topside inspection looking down into engine bay. I could attach pics if you guys want to see an old tornado. The thing is most cases the original probably will work best with proper maintenance. That's why it's so hard to mod! On the other hand this is a daily, not a resto. I want performance, which means replace kit and caboodle. This is an insane addiction. I love Jeep Truck! Lol.

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    All pics are good pics!

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