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Thread: Detroit U-Joints; Again

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    Detroit U-Joints; Again

    I need a helping hand from the Jeepster community.

    The 1946 through 1950 2-wheel drive trucks and the 46–51 Jeepsters shared Detroit universal joints. They may or may not have been the same U-joints. There has been an ongoing mystery concerning the U-joint boots (dust covers) for the 2WD trucks; are they the same boots as used on the Jeepster joints?

    In the ’48 Jeep Trucks Parts List, the part breakouts are as follows:

    Kit, Universal Joint Willys P/N 117164

    The “boot” is identified as:

    Cover and Clamps, dust Willys P/N 649174

    I would appreciate it of someone with a Jeepster Parts List would check on the U-joint part number and the dust cover part number and see if I need to chase something different?

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