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Thread: Rear seat cj3b

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    Rear seat cj3b

    What is your favorite rear seat for a cj3b? I would like one that already is upholstered unlike the one available in the Kaiser Willy catalog. Any suggestions?

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    I think most of the new frames will be the same, they usually come from the same place. There are a few upholstery places that make covers and cushions. Your best bet might be to give your local upholstery shop the frame and have them install the cover and cushion. I have a frame from KW,cushions and covers. I used the foam cushions on my CJ3A. I have read a lot of pro's and con's about foam vs springs but, I find them very comfortable and attractive. I had a set of spring seats. I gave those to one of the young men that helped me lift the body on and off. We will see how they turn out. If I had to do it over, I would still go with the foam. This is a show Willys, it doesn't get a lot of seat time. The foam is nice and square. Sharp shape. It looks very good. If I spent hours sitting in it I might feel differently. They are quite comfortable for what they are. An antique steel chair with a pad.

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