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Thread: Engine swap 4.3 vortex v-6

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    Engine swap 4.3 vortex v-6

    I do not have the L134 and have found a 4.3 vortex v-6 engine. Any experience in getting this engine running, does one have to use the computer or is there a simple mod for my cj2a 1948 ?

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    A few ways to go, it depends on what 4.3 you have. In short if it is newer you will need some way to control the engine as removed. The original computer from the vehicle can be great depending on what OBD generation it is. I frequently "Tune" the GM OBD computers. There are ways to convert it to Carb and distributor stand alone. Adapters are available to hook it to the T-90 I think you might have a T-84 in the 1948. I am not sure about the T-84 but I think it is the same bolt pattern. TJones on the forum here is putting a V6 in a CJ now.


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