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Thread: Cold weather and vinyl top

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    Cold weather and vinyl top

    I hadn't thought about it before, but as cold weather approaches (like today), I'm wondering if I should have my top on during storage this winter. It will be under cover, out of the wind and snow, so it's not needed for protection, but temperatures will get down to zero or less. From experience, I know it's sure a lot easier to put the top on when it's hot, but will the cold temps shrink the material to the point of stressing it? Or will having the top folded up indoors be better, and not create permanent creases, or have it shrink a bit? I don't want it to be even tighter to put on next spring.

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    If you can store it indoors, there is no better way that's for certain.

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    In doors is best. When you are ready in the spring to put it on, lay it out in the sun for a while before putting it on. This will flatten out any creases, and make it more pliable for ease of installation.

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    Instead of folding it, try rolling it up. No creases. The top will be a little wide but just shove it under the bed and forget about it until time to put it back on.

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