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Thread: Using 2560 weight motorcycle oil

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    Using 2560 weight motorcycle oil

    I found Spectrum 2560 motorcycle oil and I'd like to try running it in my Willys cj3b F head. The motor has some time on it but I don't know how much it currently runs very well. I mostly idle around and low gear on warm days thinking the 60 weight might come in handy what do you think.

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    Grouser, there is a lot on the www about what oil to use in your classic vehicle. The most important thing you can do is stick to the SAE weight specified. No need to worry about multi viscosity or straight weight, either will do. As long as the SAE weight is there, the "cold weight" number (the 10W in 10W-30) is just the additive package. So for mine I use Valvoline VR1 10W 30. This is about the highest load capable, street-able oil I could find. It proves out on top in testing over and over again. One of those can't go wrong oils.

    The most important aspect of the oil in a classic flat tappet engine is the amount of Zinc it contains. There are two things that need attention. The camshaft lifter design requires a high wear protector (Zinc). The low oil pressure inherent at idle, requires a high film strength. Finally if the engine sets a lot, a good anti-rust additive. I would not use the synthetic version of VR1 or any synthetic. You would have to be very sure the piston rings and cylinder finish, seals, gaskets and sealants are compatible, before considering synthetics.

    In Spectro oils, I would use RLMG3. I do not know what Spectrum 2560 is.
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    I'm sorry spectro is the correct name darn auto check spell check

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