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Thread: '47 CJ2A done up as its military counterpart

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    '47 CJ2A done up as its military counterpart

    I just got my great grandfather's 1947 Willys CJ2A. Talking to my uncle and mother it was originally painted green. We would like to keep it as close to stock as possible, but thought it would be cool to do it up like the m38's with the shovel and everything on the side and repaint it in the od green. What are peoples thought when they see people do this to the CJ2A's?

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    Welcome JJ0225,

    From the first day a Jeep hit the scene, it was a blank canvas for customizing. You'll be hard pressed to find an example of an early Jeep that doesn't have some sort of custom touch added. From farm Jeeps to ditching equipment there was no shortage of work tools that have been designed to fit our favorite work horse. Then you have the fun side of the Jeep. The aftermarket to this day is a huge business. With all this being said, do with your Jeep as you see fit. Your satisfaction is all that matters. To honor those who rode into Korea on M38s, then you have my seal if approval.

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