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Thread: New member from Wyoming

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    New member from Wyoming

    Hey everyone, new member here from Wyoming. Just acquired my great grandfather's 1947 willys CJ2A and uncle's 1951 CJ3A with the arctic cab on it. Looking at restoring both, but building the '51 to play a little with a Buick v6 upgrade.
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    Welcome! They look like a great start.

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    Cool Jeeps!

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    Trailer full of Ugly

    That is a trailer full of ugly - but that is where most Jeep projects start. They do look better than most though.

    Take my word for it, there is beauty under all of that ... "character".

    It's great to have your Great GrandPa's Jeeps. Jeeps are meant to follow family lines, like Ol' Hank says "'s a family tradition".

    Keep us posted on which one you start on first ...

    And post pictures.
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    Wow some real good stuff there! I want a Willys truck now! After sitting in LarrBeard's, I can tell you those are some real nostalgic vehicles.

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