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Thread: 1957 Willys Truck, Trabuco Canyon CA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kramer View Post
    Is that the best I can Expect ? Going to be a long drive out to Moab , Utah next year.
    I assume you are referencing the whopping 45 HP of the VW. If you are taking it to Moab, Yup about 50 all the way is comfy. Though the little air cooled 4 was not very strong the gearing lets it self govern around 50 to 60 mph as long as there is no head wind. A tail wind is very helpful and should be utilized when possible. It is officially listed as "rated at 36 horsepower at 3700 rpm and 56 pounds/feet of torque at 2000 rpm, and it weighed 2,300 pounds". I am going to bet that is rear wheel horsepower. That puts the flywheel actual a good 25% higher. I have to laugh as I realize I was a very young man. I drove it back and forth to high school! I don't remember going fast, only that it wasn't.

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    Thanks guys for all the info and responses, I can already tell I'm going to like this site. I'll have to pack a few sandwiches and leave a 2 days earlier then planned when driving to this years Willy's Rally in Moab Ut.

    I'll take my American built Willy's over the German built VW beer can any day.

    David Kramer
    Trabuco Precision LLC.

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