Hello folks, Brad here. I've been wrenching on cars, motorcycles and trucks for quite some time but this is my first Willys. Truthfully, I'd always wanted a Willys truck, not a jeep. Working at a client's a few months back I spotted this M38A1 long forgotten under a tarp and I've been dreaming about wheeling a vintage jeep since then. I inquired about it and was told it had been given to his son. My client said "it's a collectable, its #7"! Well I figure there's no way I'm getting my hands on it now. Still, I can't stop thinking about that dang jeep. A few weeks later, the son called me and asked if I wanted the old Willys! Heck yes I told him, what do you want for it? "A good home" he says. I was totally floored, which is funny because the old jeep doesn't really have one haha. The son tells me if he was going to do something with it he would've done it already. Its mine if I come get it! Turns out the jeep hadn't been registered since 1984, and spent most of that time under a tarp. I'm not going to lie, its pretty rough but I feel like I've seen worse brought back to life.

Details, it's a 1953 M38A1 CDN model (I live in Ontario), it was built by Ford Canada, delivered 2-17-1953 and the serial # is F 00 07! I can't believe it, single digit vin!

So here's some questions:
-does #7 demand a totally original restoration because of its #? I mean, there are more than a few good original military restorations out there, right?
-any guesses to what #7 is worth in original dress at the 100 year mark?
-is it sacrilegious to put some modern updates on her to make wheeling with my family more fun, safe and reliable? Or should I sell/trade up for another Willys that doesn't carry the responsibility of #7?

Oh my, I am excited either way. I kinda think seeing as it was a gift, and wheeled hard prior to me bringing it home I should just make a quality wheeler out of it, originality be d*mned. Doesn't #7 deserve to be a better version of herself? I guess I want to make memories, not $, off of this build. I'm sure you all will tell me I'm crazy, you'd probably be right haha. Looking forward to the build, whichever direction I choose to go! IMG_6520.jpg20191026_152219.jpg20191026_152159.jpg20191026_152442.jpg20191026_152138.jpg