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Thread: Newbie from Oregon!

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    Newbie from Oregon!

    I am glad to be a part of this great forum! I have a '58 (at least i'm pretty sure it's a '58) Willy's pickup that was left to me by my Great Uncle. I (along with countless others) learned how to drive in this Jeep. It still runs but needs some major TLC. It has the original 6-226 in it. I want to start working on it soon and will definitely be relying on this forum for help. My Aunt always told me, "it's not what you know, it's who you know". I've been asked by several people what I am going to do with it. Am I going to lift it, or put a V8 in it. My answer is always, "Heck no!". Anyone that knew my Uncle would know that it the last thing he would do to any of his rigs. I want to restore this to it's original glory... and I will HAPPILY cruise at my 45-50 mph top speed
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    Man that is a great starter to restore. The fact that it's been in the family makes it that much more valuable. I got a chance to sit in LarrBeard's truck at the Jeep Fest. Just like stepping back in time. Very cool those Willys trucks!

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    Welcome Daniel,

    Great project! We will be here for you throughout your labor for whatever you may need. No questions too small or too technical. We are here to put our minds together to figure things out.

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    That is a good looking pickup. I'm pretty new here too, but there is a lot to read and people who will try to help you.

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    Wow! A Jeep Truck in its natural environment!

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    A beauty of a Jeep Truck!!

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