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Thread: Longer brake shoe, in front or back?

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    Cat, where did you see that reference for the big shoe to the front? That is interesting because you have a '65. That should be a Duo-Servo design in 65'. The largest force would be to the rear. In that design for best wear the large shoe should go to the rear and the small shoe should go to the front. Usually the long shoe goes to the front in the older Simplex design like the Early MB's and CJ's. Once again however, it depends on how you want the brakes to behave.

    This is interesting because it would indicate in the 65' they were more interested in stopping power over wear. This would explain somewhat why in the Universal Manual, it indicates they can go either way. It must come down to individual mechanical preference of the installing mechanic. In any event they must all be installed the same way on each wheel in the front and the rear, left to right.
    It's on page 106 in the 2023 catalog. It's located in the lower right corner of the parts illustrations [which are located at the top of page] near the binding. "TIP: BRAKE SHOES" The primary shoe has the longer padding and is the one that goes in the front.

    Also per the illustrations you provided previously I would guess this braking system is "Simplex". Single wheel cylinder, with one hold down pin per shoe and adjuster at the bottom.

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    That would do it Cat. The Simplex would have the big shoe to the front for best wear.

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