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    paint question

    Had my frame and axles sandblasted and sprayed them with self-etching primer to keep them from rusting. Iím thinking I may have made a mistake in doing this. I thought I would have more time to get it primed not thinking it would rust so quickly. Anyway got in a hurry and used the primer that was recommended by a friend. So my question is what primer should I go over this primmer with so the top paint will stick. I also donít have a spray gun so something in a can would be preferred

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    wildman6809, the best way to find your answer is in the paint manufactures technical advice staff. I would get on line and chat or, send and email or, give em a call. The manufacturer should be able to give you a solid answer on that.

    I used Rust-Oleum self etching primer on mine after sand blasting, and then covered it with Rust-Oleum black and made sure it got warm enough to cure. I have painted a lot of frames and under bodies this way since the 60's. That product seems to be a bit "soft" and chip resistant. It takes the pelting from road debris well.

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    Welcome Wildman,
    The Rustoleum products have been my go to for frame painting. The self etching primer is good for a base coat primer, that is compatible with most automotive primers.

    If you are priming something that is a high wear area, I.e. floor boards, steps, or underside of mower decks, I use an oil based implement primer sold by Tractor Supply. It is a not so appealing yellow color, but will wear like iron.

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