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Thread: Dana 25 front axle drive flange bolt torque value

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    Dana 25 front axle drive flange bolt torque value

    Anyone know the torque value on the 6 bolts? It's on a 1955 Willys truck.

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    It is interesting that several torque values are not there in the older stuff. This was not because the "elbow clicker" torque wrench was OK here.

    Back when these tech books were written, it was assumed everyone had a bolt torque chart or, the engineering book handy. In these cases where there is no indicated torque, the best way is to use the bolt size, thread pitch, and any coatings, and apply it to a bolt torque engineering guide. You have to use some caution sometimes as old bolts and weak threads may not stand the force of full torque. Thread inserts will help here if you really need full torque.

    Here is a good guide

    As always a lot of people just tighten them up. I have been known to do that once and a while also! If you want to be a pro about it however, the bolt torque guides will take you there. I use grade 8, 3/8 - 16 bolts dry and torque them to 30 ft. lbs.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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