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Thread: Ham's '48: The Repaint Project

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    Ham's '48: The Repaint Project

    I went up to check on progress on the repaint job on Hamís í48. Butch, the old guy whose name is on the shop and who is doing the actual work, is off for his winter vacation. But, he got some work done before he left.

    The bed is off the frame and has been stripped and sanded. I donít know if he is going to reprime it or not Ė weíll see when he gets back. The tailgate looks like itís been sanded as well.

    The steps and fenders have been stripped, but still need some finish sanding.

    He hasnít really started on the front end work beyond the pressure wash paint strip-off and a little touch up on a couple of places that got dinged somehow.

    The big place with paint on the back of the cab is where the pressure washer couldnít get between the bed and the cab.
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