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Thread: M151 mutt

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    M151 mutt

    Does anyone know if the 16" wheels off a M151 MUTT will fit a 1955 CJ5

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    I am not sure what those rims look like but, here is what yours came with.

    Vehicle/Year Ranges, OEM Wheel Size, Lug Pattern, Stud Size, Hub Center Bore

    41 - 86 Jeep MB & CJ Series , 15" and 16" , 5 on 5.5 , 1/2 x 20 left and right hand , 4.25
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    The bolt pattern is the same, but the center is too small for the front hubs. The offset will also be off, bringing the tire extremely close to the wheel wells in the rear. A M151 is a four well independent suspension, and the hubs are placed to the far corners of the body to aid in maximum articulation of the suspension.

    Options for wheels that will fit are:
    Willys through CJ8, (note: if you have disc brakes installed, the early Kelsey Hayes steel wheels will not clear the calipers).
    International Scout
    Ford or Dodge 1/2 ton 4X4 with large center for lock out hubs. Steel or aluminum.

    The following pictures are of a M151A2, and a M38A1(same body dimensions of a CJ5) with the rear wheels being those of a M151. The picture from the rear shows how much offset there is compared to the edge of the wheel well. The third picture is of the correct 16" KH wheel.
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