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    Dana 25 question

    Hello again. 2 questions.... I am attaching the drive flange to the hub. Do I add gasket cement to both sides of that paper gasket? And when I turn the yoke with nothing on the axle the axle shaft turns, but when I bolt down the flange nothing turns. I would think that the splines would make the hub and drum turn. Am I doing something wrong? Or did I mess up internally? That would bum me out.
    Thank you

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    I don't use anything on the drive gasket. That is a pretty solid fit there with a lot of bolt surface. If all is clean and flat, no sealant is needed. Sealant can be a personal thing. Unless there is an issue, or a need to hold the gasket in place, or a cheep gasket, I put it together dry.

    Still on the first cup of coffee. I am not sure what you mean by "nothing turns". Are you saying the pinion locks up?

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    I was thinking about this. What is the other side doing? Is it turning? You can stop one side from turning and turn the drive shaft but the other side should turn, otherwise there is something really bad, which I doubt is the case. I used nothing on the gasket either.

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    You'll need one thing free to spin the wheel with a drive flange on it, either the other wheel in the air or the transfer case in neutral.

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    Thanks guys, but false alarm. I should have thought this through. My buddy suggested waiting until I attach both drive flanges and sure enough, all is well. Turning the yoke turns both wheels, in both directions.
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