The "Zerk Lube" has two categories.

1) Zerk's that need High temp, E.P grease. (U-Joints and Wheel Bearings) "Spicer U-Joints" and all Wheel bearings require an NLGI grade 2 grease. I use Chevron Ultra Duty NLGI 2 EP Grease. We tested it severely on the U-Joints. It was the best we could find.

2) Those Zerk's that can use anything (Low Temp, Chassis Lube) The Chassis points do not require High Temp or E.P.. Here a NLGI Grade 0 or 1 will work. I like NLGI 1 because it is thicker and stays put. I like a good name NLGI grade 1 White lithium.

The study of grease can be mind boggling and misleading. For instance the Universal Service Manual calls for the wrong grease in the U-Joints. U-Joints MUST have an EP additive. This is probably a miss print or, left over from long ago.I can show you what a U-Joint looks like when you use the wrong stuff. I also found several spots on the Internet with incorrect information. No matter what you read I can assure you I spent many years promoting NLGI Grade 2 EP ONLY in Spicer U-Joints. The most common cause of failure in a U-Joint is "Lack Of Lube". The second most common is "Wrong Lube".

Many manufactures specify different greases for different reasons. There is a lot of stuff written that's for sure! Sticking to the above will keep all out of trouble.

Maybe this one clarification will save a U-Joint.