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Thread: Help identifying my car, year and model

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    Help identifying my car, year and model

    Just got this car. Supposedly 1952. But I donít know whether itís M38 or CJ3A or what exactly ?
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    It may be my crappy eyes but I can't make out the prefix on the serial number. From what I can tell it appears to be a CJ from the civilian dash plate at the bottom of the second photo. Please take a few photos of the whole Jeep, then we can tell what exactly you have. Willys serialization left a bit to be desired because a body that was produced in '51 could have been serialized as a' 52. Military jeeps have their own special characteristics.

    The last picture is of a hybrid M38/CJ3A reproduction bodied Heep. It shares some features of both models, mainly the civilian cowl that omits the battery box on the passenger side in front of the windshield. The remainder of the pictures are of an M38.
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