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Thread: Bearing Removal

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    Bearing Removal

    Anyone know of a good, safe, non-damaging way to get the bearing off the T90 input shaft without a press?

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    Man I do hate to mention this but, this method has been used successfully. In a PINCH!

    This may or may not work for you. It depends on how "stuck" the bearing is.

    You will need a large block of HARD wood. Like a 6x6 block. (I have a large lead chassis weight block)
    Warm the bearing race.
    Hold the gear by the "gear end" and raise it vertically above the block with the pilot diameter down.
    Drive the shaft downward with the greatest force you can muster. Like you were driving a sword into a boulder. The inertia at impact should/might begin to move the bearing. Usually several hard high velocity slams and it will come off.

    I have used this successfully on pinions and input shafts and the like. I would much rather not! It is amazing what you will do when you have no other choice.

    A press is cheap now a days at harbor freight. Also a lot of local shops and older parts stores might oblige for a small stipend.

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    Thanks. Now days I really hate beating on anything with a hammer. And you are correct that a press is cheap insurance against damage done otherwise.

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    I'm not above cutting them off with a torch, but you need to be pretty handy with it.

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