My family has had a CJ-5 in the family since 1959.

I now have the jeep and it is all original even the tires with less than 2000 miles on them. I have yet to do much with the jeep, but wish to continue to plow snow with it. I plowed last year and all seemed well, but by the end of the season the plow was lifting slower. This year the situation has worsened.

The fluid in the hydraulic pulley driven pump was low. On the advice of a local tractor repair guy I added HIGH viscosity fluid and now the plow will not rise much at all.

So, it will be easy to try a standard fluid ..... what think all?

However, in playing or looking around I found the pump unit is very loose ( the pump is mounted above the generator or is that an alternator --- I am hardly a mechanic, by the way ). I was surprised to see all the play in the two bolts on the bottom of the alternator (?), and if I pushed or pulled on the unit I could get the plow to raise and lower. So I figured I needed to tighten the bolts. Ok, all froze up. the nut just twisted on the bolt. Could not tighten or remove.

Ok.... so I cut the rear bolt off. First problem..... I thought it would just be a standard bolt and off to Home Depot. As many of you know, it is not a straight bolt but shoulder bolt. So I need to replace it. So I found this forum and a couple of jeep on-line supply houses. But, what bolts, what bushings for a 1959 CJ-5? It appears there are two different bushings. One is more of a washer and the other a cylinder to push through the holes. ( I suspect the looseness of the assembly is caused by bushings being rotted away after 60 years )


1. what thoughts on which hydraulic fluid
2. What bolts and bushings do I need (please be specific if possible)
3. What tension am I looking for on the belt (particularly perplexing since there will be alternator tension and tension for the hydraulic pump)
4. Do I likely need new belts. All has been fine, but would it be easier to tension all and improve operation?
5. Any other thoughts or advice to help me avoid surprises or trouble.

Thanks everyone.