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Thread: 1949 Jeepster back on road

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    1949 Jeepster back on road

    After over a year on jack stands and a punch list that seemingly never ended this beauty is back on the road. Still a lot of work to do but awesome to get it out of the garage, if for no other reason than to clean the garage.

    Partial list of work:
    All new floors
    Inner and outer rockers
    Fabricated floor cross member supports
    New radiator
    Electric backup fuel pump
    All new shocks
    All new wheel cyclinders
    New brake lines
    Welded frame repair
    Re-sewn seats by hand
    memory foam stuffed seats
    Rebuilt jump seat to pivot again
    Repair temp guage
    Repair gas guage
    Mechanical fuel pump
    New gas lines
    Rebuilt horn
    Refresh heater
    Fixed jammed twisted trans linkage
    Tune up
    Rewire override
    Refreshed OD cable
    Patch exhaust (to be replaced)
    Carpet pad and repaired carpets hand sewn
    POR Frame
    Park brake
    De-gunk oil filter can


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    Looks great! It helps to have her up and running.

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    The first generation Jeepsters were the American version of the MG's or Austin-Healys. There was nothing that looked remotely like them and they were unique.

    I've always considered the Jeepster to fit in a niche kind of like a Corvette; sharp looking, fun to drive and not a lot of practicality.

    Now, you just need some flashy white sidewalls on that lil' critter!

    Keep us posted!

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    That is a unique vehicle for sure.

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