Working on my 56 CJ5 and it's been a real thrill so far. Pulled real hard to the right when braking, minor exhaust leak, leaf springs that were not the right length (ride like a hardtail Harley)...number of small issues but the price was good and it seemed to be all there.
New braking system including dual master cylinder. Looks easy without the body on but a whole new challenge with it on. All the normal snakes like loose backing plates, leaking cylinders, seals installed wrong. I was thinking the guy who worked on this had a comic book instead of a shop manual. But got it done yesterday, took it for a drive and felt really good....except a exhaust manifold leak.
The stud at the back cylinder was stripped out and they had cooned in a allen head bolt with a half dozen washers to space it I guess. Not wanting to live with this I thought what the hay, let's fix this now. Maybe a stud insert and we're good to go.
Tore it down and when removing the back Allen head bolt a stream of coolant spews from the orifice. So Jughead must have cranked a too long fastener through the coolant jacket of my F head block.
It never ends sometimes....