Have never joined a forum b/4 and a little nervous about trying to not make a fool of myself. Last September I purchased a 1950 CJ3A to restore. I have done 3 MG's and one Mercedes 450SL over the last 30 years, but still felt I wasn't too old to do at least one more. I choose the Jeep because I had always liked them and I was too old to crawl around a MG any more. This is my first frame off restoration and have loved it ever since I took off the first fender. Have been very fortunate so far to find that the major parts of the drive train have only needed some bearings, seals, gaskets and good cleaning. Started working on the motor this week and my luck may be holding. Looks like all it needs if a valve job and the usual cleaning ect.

Did have a bad frame and located one in Ohio that I will pick up in the spring. Then the fun will start as I try to get many other parts that are missing, bad or wrong. Figure it will take me at least another year, if I stay lucky. Thanks in advance for the help I know I will need.