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Thread: 1955 Willys Fire Truck uodate

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    1955 Willys Fire Truck uodate

    I’ve finished. At least for now.

    Concerning the brake system I fabricated and replaced all of the brake lines. Ni-Cu tubing was a life saver as far as ease of bending. Double flaring Ni-Cu with a cheap Harbor Freight tool was about the same as with a steel line. One thing I HIGHLY recommend are copper flare gaskets in 3/16 and 1/4 inch (available at WW Grainger) to seal the new double flare to existing unions and wheel/master cylinders. Cheap insurance.

    I replaced the master and wheel cylinders, brake shoes and drums, too. Had the booster rebuilt. Between the 4 wheel ends I found one with two primary brake shoes, one with two secondary brake shoes, and the other two had the primary and secondary shoes, one correctly mounted and the other incorrectly. Hoo-boy! I had a compatibility problem between the correctly installed new shoes and new drums. I explain the fix and give all brake part numbers in the tech question section dated 11/5/19.

    I replaced the original gas tank with a plastic tank and ran a new fuel line using 1/4 inch Ni-Cu tubing (as that’s what I had) for 5/16 inch steel line. No problem with change in diameter. Changed the fuel pump and added a plastic in line filter.

    I also replaced wheel end seals and both differential gaskets.

    The carburetor was a problem in itself as I had no idea what shape it was in. It didn’t take long to realize the person who previously worked on it didn’t know what he was doing. I rebuilt the Carter carb 2476S once I found the correct kit and the (odd ball) correct needle/seat assembly. See my write up in tech section dated 2/12/20 for more details.

    Attached is a photo showing a lock washer that was added to metering assembly by the last person to work on the carb. Why this was added? Who knows!

    The truck will be on display at the National Museum of Transportation starting 3/1/2020. Drop by and see it if you are in the St Louis area.

    Once off display I will work on it some more, (a lot more, really), to get it ready for parades, etc.

    Hope I didn’t bore you too much.
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    Great job! The lock washer is a new one, but not a huge surprise. Take some pictures of you truck on display.

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