OK, I’m still learning things about the truck I’ve been driving for all these years.

The F-134 engine holds 4 quarts of oil. Now, I assume (and I know very well what assume does) that if I pour 4-quarts of Valvoline VR-1 10W-30 oil down the fill tube, I will get a “full” reading on the dipstick – the meniscus is about at the top of the checkered area.

But, I have an oil filter on the engine. The standard answer is “4-quarts plus 1 quart for the filter”. After the engine sits for a while, the filter seems to pretty well drain back into the oil pan – there isn’t a lot of carry out when I pull out the old canister.

If I pull the dipstick after things sit a while, should I get a high reading on the stick?