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Thread: Need help indentifying antique Windsheilds, Fuel tanks and windows

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    Need help indentifying antique Windsheilds, Fuel tanks and windows

    Recently came to own a decent sized lot of antique car parts. I buy and sell stuff online as a part time income and I attended an auction of a now deceased collector of Willy's Jeeps. The man had several restored and unrestored antique jeeps and I ended up buying an entire shed of Misc car parts. Having done this before I was not too bothered by anything with a part number. I can research and hunt down what they fit. Unfortunately I have glass and parts with no stickers or numbers. It is my guess these could be desirable to someone doing a restoration but I have no idea what they are off of. It is of course likely in my mind that they fit Jeep cars or truck due to that being the focus of the collector. I really would hate to smash these up and throw them away but I am afraid I might have to if I can't reasonably identify them.

    If anyone can take a look at my photos and maybe identify or even guess I would really appreciate the help.

    I have included a link to an Imgur gallery of my photos below

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    My experience is limited, but I guarantee someone somewhere could use those parts. You need a Jeep restorer to just come over there and look at what you got.

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