I am mounting a 56 CJ5 tub on a 57 Frame. I didnít think there would be any differences but am having a hard time seeing where the tub mounts to the rear brace/bumper go? I did purchase a new brace/bumper and installed it so maybe I need to add some holes. Before I started drilling I wanted get some advice?

The other question I have is the body lines at the back do not lign up with the end of the bumper with the front 5 mounts in place? The body looks square but Iím lookin for some suggestions?

I added some pictures of both sides and the overall back. 4F01A080-5B24-4FA7-98A6-04737104E93E.jpg87BB6389-DF0D-4F72-8EE8-B61F4F184C7C.jpg6624496D-4808-4EC6-BB14-E458A263A03B.jpg