I’m rebuilding a 1958 Willys PU L6-226 VIN 55268-45757 that I got from an old guy that did very few modifications. e.g. the thing looks almost completely original.

I got it with a “GM 2 JET ROCHESTER” carburetor with “7008597” stamped on bottom of the float and a perfectly fitting two barrel intake manifold and acceleration linkage. This whole setup sure looks original.

But the “ Service Manual for Jeep Utility Vehicles” (Para F-2 & F-37) states that this vehicle / VIN comes with a YF-2467S Single Throat Carburetor and, I assume, a matching single throttled intake manifold.

Am I missing something? Did this old guy ‘forget’ that both the manifold and carb were swapped out (both of them?) … seems highly unlikely, he was not into that.

Or, Is it possible this “GM 2 JET ROCHESTER” is actually a WCD-2204S carb (Para F-23) and the book VIN / Carb table in Para F-2 is wrong?

Any ideas?