Hi all. I'm new here and would like some advice. In my young and foolish days (I'm still foolish, just not so young anymore), I wouldn't hesitate to tear into my '48 CJ2A and love every minute of doing so. Original engine, 12-volt, oil bath removed and replaced with a Kaier unit. But now... Here's what the patient is presenting: Start-up has always been immediate, even on cold days (I live in Utah) and when not started up for weeks or months. A few weks ago, I had to pump the pedal with full choke and let the starter cycle for 10-15 seconds before she would fire up. Lately, after starting and slowly driving, she has been coughing. Note that this was before Covid-19! The choke doesn't seem to be operating as before (length of time choke is kept on before closing butterfly). She runs really well once the engine warms up (after two or three miles) but the last time she was backfiring violently until I reached the 2 -3 miles. I drove her home, parked and that is where she sits right now. Waddya think? Carb kit? New carb? In my foggy way of thinking if the timing is off, she would put up a fuss regardless of engine temp. Coil? Thanks in advance for any advice from the Forum! VR - mj