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    I have a 1949 CJ-3A that I re-purposed from farm to parade. Have rebuilt the tranny, differentials and transfer case, installed a K-W rebuilt carb, exhaust manifold, some rewiring and painted it USMC green in honor of my grandson who died while in service. It runs well, but in 3rd gear under load, the tranny screams from 20 mph and up. Also the top speed in TWD seems to be about 40 mph. What am I missing? This is my first post, so be kind.

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    Hello! I don't like the sound of that. I would take the top off and peak inside. It sounds like gear damage or the output and/or input bearing on the main shaft or the counter shaft bearings. In third the main shaft is locked in straight through. The front input bearing and the rear output are taking the load. Output RPM goes up in third working the output bearing the hardest.

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