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Thread: Whining from '59 CJ5

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    Whining from '59 CJ5

    A lot of whining noise when cruising in 3rd and after shifting to overdrive. Thoughts?

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    These things aren't quiet in the gear train, however it shouldn't be excessively loud. Defining loud on these old girls is tough. If it is loud enough to have to be talked over, it might be worth looking into. In third, the transmission is "locked through". The main shaft is engaged with the drive gear. Any noise from the trans in third only eliminates a lot in the trans. I would wait for an opinion from someone with an overdrive.They are also not quiet. The overdrive will put you at a higher drive line RPM as you push the speed past 50. The high numerical rear axle ratios will begin to be heard.

    Usually damaging noise has some heat generated. After a run is anything getting hot in the Trans,transfer overdrive or axle? When in doubt, metal in the lube is a good clue sometimes.

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    Try splitting your 2nd gear, (2nd then 2nd with O. D.) to see if the noise comes in again? You won't get O. D. spinning as fast, but it could get you some answers to what exactly is whining.

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