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Thread: 47 Willys Oil return line plugged

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    There are a few things that can need a little fine tuning but as okiemark said You Tube has you covered. I would order one of these it just makes things so much quicker. When you get your new kit be very sure to run a very fine wire through the idle jet. The type of jet that is in there, uses a long tube crimped to the jet size. It is tiny and very prone to plugging. Brand new from sitting, they can form small pieces of corrosion from the brass. It is sometimes so small you can barely see it when you wire it out. That is the source of many on the "net" who say I rebuilt it and it won't idle without the choke on.

    I think those two (rod adjust/idle jet) things are the only real "tricks" in the WO. Like any rebuld, clean very clean. I have great success with a large tank sonic cleaner filled with solution made for carbs and such in a sonic cleaner.

    Edit: one more thing. One thing that got me was the gasket under the carb to the intake. The original and mine, uses "crush sleeves" under and around the carb studs. You need to be sure you compress the sleeves sufficiently to seal the gasket and the studs. As the sleeve compresses it seals against the stud. As they compress they compress the gasket. You need to pull those nuts down evenly a little at a time from side to side. If you crank down one side to much it will break the throttle body. The throttle body is cast iron, it can take a lot more than an aluminum base carb, it has its limits however. I did not tighten mine enough and drove LarrBeard around with the idle at 1200 and it running hot from the vacuum leak. He had to sacrifice his coffee cup to save it.
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    Thank you again, I located a kit. One the way. Since posting the ignition coil went out. The only part of not replace thus far is fuel tank. I have more than I can get out of her now. God speed! I cannot wait to drive it again.

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