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Thread: New Guy 48 Jeepster

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    New Guy 48 Jeepster

    I'm currently putting together a 48 Jeepster that someone else started. This belongs to a relative of mine so it's hard to say no. I've got it running and driving now and buffed out the paint. It was painted in 2005. It's been sitting at an upholstery shop for over a year to have the top installed. When I picked it up from there it was covered in spray glue and used as a storage bin. Also several pieces are missing and paint has several chips in it. The shop is actually a good shop here in town, but they had some employee turn over and are to going to make things right. Enough of that though! I'm knee deep into fixing things that the other person did putting it together did. But it's on it's way to being back on the road though!
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    Very nice ride! That thing looks great.

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