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Thread: A share in these times

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    A share in these times

    Saw this on the Craig List Phoenix....

    This is a once in a lifetime truck. I looked for 8 years before I found one in this condition. Here are the details.
    1978 Jeep j20
    401 AMC V8
    3/4 ton 7,000 lbs
    Automatic turbo 400 transmission
    COLD A/C! Custom made for the truck from a talented local who specializes in custom AC.
    Holley Sniper EFI with electronic fuel pump. (Starts up every single time with no vapor lock issues)

    Donít buy this truck if you hate attention. You will never get this kind of attention from another car unless you are driving a super car.. lambo Ferrari. People wave you down, photograph you, hell, Iíve even been pulled over because the officers wanted to check it out and talk about how bad *** it is. True story. People yell at me every day with the biggest smiles and thumbs up. This truck is really something special.

    I have went through and replaced everything mechanically to make this truck reliable. It has been my daily driver for the past year and hasnít let me down. Most of the seals, belts, etc were done through AAMCO Scottsdale. About $7k in receipts. Brakes, EFI, A/C, and oil changes were done through other specialty mechanics.

    I found this truck in Oklahoma and had it shipped to me. When it arrived it was barely running. After getting it reliable mechanically I am $30k+ into it so thatís all I am trying to get out of it. I have to at least break even or I will keep this truck and pass it down to my kids.

    Why am I selling? Corona virus. I am a small company and I have been set back drastically from the pandemic. I applied for small business assistance without success. I need the money to help cushion our recovery. Please do not take this as an opportunity to low ball me. The truck is worth what itís worth and I will keep it before I am taken advantage of.

    Things to note.
    This truck is reliable and is my daily driver BUT it is an old truck. You will need to address issues as they arise. It does not drive like a new car. It does not go as long without maintenance as a new car. Almost everything is new or recently replaced but you have to keep up with it.
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    That is a nice truck.

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