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    49 Bourbon

    Howdy fromTexas. I go by 49 Bourbon because I also have a 1949 Chevrolet Suburban that is a hot rod/rat rod. Itís got all new drivetrain w/ Camero clip, 454 BB etc. .so lots of fun to tinker with. I just inherited my Dadís 1956 CJ3 that we have had since early 60s . I have lots of memories as I grew up driving it around the ranch and have had creek water running through the seats and buried it to the tub more than once. Itís old and rusty but was running about 5 years ago. Goal is to get it in good mechanical shape and leave as is. Will be a slow process as I am currently building a new house that will take time and money.

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    It is great to have one with so many memories attached! It will be there for you when the house is done.

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    Welcome 49 bourbon!
    Please post pictures of both the bourbon and the 3B. We like looking at all you have.

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