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Thread: Issue With Ammeter Wiring

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    Since this post I have installed a new battery in the jeep. I've been disconnecting the battery after I'm done with it just in case. With the new battery in, the ammeter still reads zero, and I've noticed that turning on the headlights moves the meter ever so slightly. I wasn't able to try the D-cell battery test that was suggested because getting behind that panel is a massive pain and I didn't think it was worth it. I think at this point, I'm just going to leave it and hope it all works.

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    All sounds good. The ammeter moves from zero to positive when the Generator is charging and moves to negative if there is current draw but no "balancing" or higher charge from the generator. So normally when you draw current from the battery when the engine is off the meter reads the discharging battery and is telling you how much current "Amps" are being pulled from the battery. When the engine is running the Generator should be charging. The amp meter will read the "charging" current as positive amperage. If the engine is running and the ammeter reads 0, the battery is charged (assuming a good system). If the Amp gauge is reading negative when the engine is running and you turn the lights on, the system is not charging sufficiently. It should read slight negative amperage when the engine is off and you turn the lights on. It should not read negative amps when the engine is running with the lights on.

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