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Thread: Ham's '48: Happy, Happy, Happy

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    It was a good drive home. It had been a hot day, but about ten minutes into the trip home, a big black cloud came up - I thought I was going to get a soft water rain wash - but only about a dozen drops. I did have the wings open and it wasn't a bad trip at all.

    About half way home, about where Indiana 215 crosses State Road 3, this big bird comes out of the cornfield to my left (east) and he is flapping really hard to get airborne. He had a bunch of Red-Wing Blackbirds all over him and he just wanted to get away. My first thought was that some poor old buzzard had gotten run off his afternoon snack. He crossed in front of me, and turned back north on my right side (west side of road).

    There was a sunny spot behind him and when he turned I could see that it wasn't a buzzard - buzzards don't have white tail feathers. The Red-Wing Blackbirds were chasing a Bald Eagle. Eagles are not common here, but they are not really rare either.

    You see a lot more things at 40 MPH with the windows down than you do at air-conditioned 75 MPH!

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    That's living. A cowl. Which blows cold air or not, depending. Amazing! Just wondering how your seat is on that thing? Did you do a complete rebuild, reupholster, seat cover? And I envy of that dash paint. Whole new meaning of shine it on. Makes a guy look at his pocket book...

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