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Thread: 1964 CJ3B Front and back seats, HELP!!

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    1964 CJ3B Front and back seats, HELP!!

    I am in need of some guidance and or help. I have a 1964 CJ3B, , and I need new or replacement seats for the front and back. She came with seats from a Chevy Cavalier that the previous owner had welded little brackets to the seat sliders, I believe he had cut them off of original seats. I want bucket style seats, not the military style frames with covers. I can find bucket seats on dozens of sites but I also need the brackets to mount them to the Jeep I found one place that has them, (, but with delivery fee it's $800 for just the front seats. I would really like to find a nice set of used seats or perhaps a better deal on new seats? I do not want to buy seat frames and have them upholstered. I have literally spent days worth of searching. They do not have to be factory original, I would be fine with CJ5 seats, or anything that will actually fit in my model year and has everything needed to install them? I want to make her really nice, but I am not looking to restore her to factory original.

    Please help?!

    Also, I absolutely need a back seat, and mine, as most early CJ's didn't have a back seat when I bought it. The floor of the back of my Jeep had been replaced, and it is just flat sheet metal, there are absolutely no mounting holes or features in it. I would like a matching back seat that I can install. The factory original style seat for a CJ3B, requires formed slots for the front legs and the spring retainers that mount where the knockouts would have originally been. I need a seat that has mounting holes for a bolt in all four legs or some type of seat that I could just drill holes and mount?? I would really like it if it folded out of the way when not being used? Currently, my little ones are using beach chairs as seats as you can see in my one photo. Please, keep in mind, we never go out on the road with it, we never leave our neighborhood if they are with me. I do not want someone replying informing me of safety laws and regulations. My children's safety is my highest priority!

    One last question...... And this has been a a challenge as well.
    I use my Jeep to do fun things with my two small children (3 and 5). We use it as our neighborhood gulf cart and adventure time vehicle. I would really like to put a bikini style or actually any style roof on it that covers the front and back so my little ones aren't getting baked by the sun while we ride around. Again I do not want the military style canvas, and I have no interest in doors or windows. I just want a top. Almost like the custom golf carts have, functionally speaking. I saw the Bestop has a traditional Jeep style soft top, with windows and doors. But the ones I've seen installed, looks kind of frappy or baggy on the Jeeps, and I don't have any need for the windows and doors. I am just looking for a "sun shade". My Jeep does not have a roll cage or top bow assembly. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
    I've looked for CJ3B, Mitsubishi and Mahindra for seats and soft tops/bikini tops.....

    I also wanted to say, I can not weld, nor do I have the ability to machine or fabricate steel parts. Thought that needed to be stated since I have read so many threads and post about "just simply cut and weld this to that......"
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