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Thread: Restoration Shops in Dallas/Ft Worth

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    Restoration Shops in Dallas/Ft Worth

    Hi everyone...I'm new to the forum. I just got an old family heirloom from my dad...its our 49 CJ2A. It was my first car when I turned 16 in 1983...and I'm looking for the best shop in the metroplex that has lots of experience with Jeeps this age. I know there are lots of "trick up" shops for new Jeeps, but looking for someone who has lots of experience restoring and modifying these classics. This one is pretty banged up from years of being on the deer lease and has some mods on it, but it has always been garaged/barn kept. The last time it ran was probably about 5 years ago. Not looking to do a show quality restoration or take it back to original by any means, but do want to go completely thru it mechanically and cosmetically. I know it won't make some on the forum happy (sorry), but I'm looking to make this one look and drive "newer"....I will keep the original Go Devil 4 banger, etc... but would like to rebuild the motor, convert brakes, steering, suspension...and then lift, paint and dress her up. Was thinking about going back with green Kevlar paint, small lift and bucket seats and, of course, tires and black rims. Now before you guys that are purist start cussing me about not leaving it "original", let me say that my dad modified in before I got it in 1983 with after market wheels/tires and drilled holes all over the tub for gun racks and roll bars, has been converted to 12V.

    Would greatly appreciate anyone's recommendation for shops in DFW area

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    Hello Kip! Not sure about a shop in/around Dallas, but I am hoping someone on here does for you. 5JeepsAZ has some good experience with his shop in AZ. He might be able to help you with what to look for in a shop. His project is similar. A very street worthy "modernized" original.

    I am not sure if you are aware of this forum mode of operation. Currently it appears to be be hard to make anyone here "unhappy" with an others project. They are all on here somewhere. Restores for the show, working vehicles, fun vehicles, parade vehicles, Vehicles that don't run yet, modified and looking for vehicles. This is the friendly Willys Forum!
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    Welcome Kip Carr!

    Check with Collins Brothers Jeep. They specialize in '76 and newer, but it would be worth giving them a call.

    It is near impossible to find an original Jeep, because most were modified within minutes of buying them new. A Jeep saved from the scrapper, and back on the road is good with us!

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    We tend to cuss at our Jeeps - not at what people want to do to their Jeeps.

    Some of us keep them as original as we can, some modify a little bit, some bling them up a lot. Some Jeeps get pampered and babied and some get whupped like a borrowed mule.

    But we all enjoy them.

    Unfortunately, I don't think many of us are around DFW. The good news, Jeeps really are not that hard to do; flat sheet metal, simple mechanics and lots of parts available. Just about any mid-sized custom shop should be able to do the job.

    Find one you are comfortable with.

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    Hilarious curves ahead! I was smiling halfway through your intro so I'm glad others saw the similarities with my build. What I will say is trust these guys on here, even if it takes a few days for the old guy wisdom to penetrate your dome. End of day, we are all in it together, so try to stump the experts, go with your gut, have fun, etc. No I don't know anyone in the metroplex except the dude who played boss hogs on gas monkeys and I only know him inferential since my brain is wirefried similarly. Start with collinsbros and see where the referral leads? They are all rabbit holes after a fashion, so bring your boots and halt when you get the right thing in place.... Also, rule #1, pics or it didn't happen. Welcome and looking forward to your build!

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