New M38a1 owner. Got it a couple months back and Iím waiting on my manuals I bought from KW. I have been enjoying driving it around so much that I hadnít paid much attention to the heater blowing on my feet and out of the heater Box between the seats. Plus Iím in MS and itís already a heat index of 110 so in theory if it gets any hotter my heater will feel like an AC.

The manual heater shutoff valve is locked up and stuck open so I have a new one coming in tomorrow. When I install this, I know itíll fix the heat blowing on my feet. Will it also fix the heat being generated in the heater between the seat?

I honestly thought that heater was electric and I unhooked the wire going to it. Yesterday I realized the box was still heating up and the wire I unhooked must have just been for the fan motor. I noticed there are 2 hard lines running back to it so Iím guessing thatís hot coolant or something to generate heat in it?

Thanks in advance for any info. My toes are gonna look like roasted Vienna sausages if I drive around in flip flops again