Hi My name is Stephane
I am new in jeep restoration
I am thinking buying a 1944 dated wiilys jeep.
The owner has proof that his father bought it in 1949 in Holland as military surplus.
The jeep was completely rebuilt with new transmission, transfer case and drive shafts all new old stock in 1971 or so. His father used it until 1979 from time to time.
He is asking 14 000$ it is in full working condition, no rust anywhere and is complete.
The only thing that is bothering me is the fact that the frame is a Ford and the body is a Willys. The engine is alsow a Ford. Both the frame and the dash plates have the same serial # exept for the letters prefixs.
Since I am new in this, I need some help here. Is it OK that the frame is not the same as the body?
Is it worth that much?
Thank you for your help