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Thread: Possibly buying an M38a1 and have questions

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    The dash is not CJ-5 either.

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    I think the $10,000 isn't a terrible price for the assumption that the body and frame is solid. There are some deduction for not having the 24 volt equipment, but not a deal breaker. The tub and fenders look solid and straight, so that is an excellent starting point. The 24 volt items can be installed down the road if the desire is there to make it original.

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    Hey, all thanks a bunch for all of the great information and input. I ended up going and taking a look at it and then found another M38A1 to take a look at about 2hrs from me so we called the guy and went to see it the same day as the other one. After seeing both and comparing I ended up saying no on the first one and yes to the second one, which was actually a frame up restoration. It has the 24v generator.etc. It does have a few things that still need to be finished/corrected on it but for the price and what i was looking for i couldn't be happier. should have it sometime this week. I'm glad I'll have something i can do a little work/tinkering on and still have it be to the point where it's fully functional and looks good. Again, thank you all so much for the help. I'm so excited to be the proud owner of a Willy's!

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    When you get ready to buy a Jeep, there is really no wrong choice - but I congratulate you on the choice you made.

    If you have something that is supposd to be an M38A1, a '55 4WD Truck, a '53 Sedan Delivery or whatever the original vehicle was, but it has been significantly modified to be something else, there is always that little buzz in the back of your head that says "I could have had a ................ ".

    (A '49 truck body an a Ford Falcon frame with a SBC really isn't a Jeep any more - but then I am an old grump about that sort of thing...)

    Now, you have an M38A1 with all its glory and headaches.

    Welcome to the group - and share with us! We still need to learn a lot about them.

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