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    New To The Jeep World

    Hello Jeep Friends,

    I am rather to new to the world of Jeeps but I have done a bit of research and recently purchased two CJ-3B models. One is confirmed to be a 1954 and the other is not confirmed. The unconfirmed one may be a 54 or newer but the SN plate is either missing or covered by a dealer or after market heater core installation. I would like to know if I should be able to see the SN that is stamped on the frame with the body still on or will the body have to be removed to see it? The 54 (engine donor) cranks over and runs with a liberal amount of starting fluid sprayed down the carb throat, but quickly dies. I investigated and it seems that my fuel pump is not pumping fuel. The engine is the "F" Head 134. I have ordered the rebuild kit (A9293) and plan to rebuild the original. Any tips, tricks or advice would be much appreciated. I am looking forward to an enjoyable journey with my rebuild and plan to come to this forum often to learn more about the "good old" Jeep. Please take a look at the attachment to see my new project.


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