Again, to my Jeep Friends out there, thank you for your interest and for responding to my post.

To sum things up, Harry Sheets of Midwest Willys was kind enough to allow me to send him back the fan shroud with a full refund. Shout Out to Midwest Willys - Harry and Jo are true Jeep Friends. I am going to pursue gmwillys lead on a reproduction part from Walck's 4WD.

To okiemark and 5Jeeps AZ, Thank you for responding, and the radiator in the CJ with the engine was the original. I don't even think it was a Jeep radiator. And what's worse someone has welded it to the grill assembly. As far as the level goes, I promise I paid no attention to the bubble. It just thought it would work better than a broom stick.

Thank You Jeep Friends